Pricelist of our articles on stock
Akadama 2 red Lines fine 18 Liter per Bag (hard quality) Fr. 20.00
Akadama 2 red Lines medium 18 Liter per Bag (hard quality) Fr. 20.00
Kanuma 18 Liter per Bag Fr. 20.00
Lava Granulate 20 kg Fr. 20.00
Aluminium-Wire 1.0 - 6.0 mm
Aluminium-Wire 1.0 - 6.0 mm
1 kg Coils
0.5 kg Coils
Fr. 38.00
Fr. 25.00
Cut Paste 500 gr Fr. 18.00
Fertilizer Hanagokoro 700 gr Fr. 10.00
Fertilizer Bio Gold 700 gr Fr. 18.00
Repotting net 30 x 50 cm per piece Fr. 4.00
Tools Some basic tools available in rustfree steel
Shears, Concave Cutter, Wire Cutter, Root Cutter etc.
Tokoname-Pots from Japan You may find the right one: From the very tiny to the very large pots we offer a nice selection of Tokoname-Pots 0
Bryan Albright You will find the best choice of Bryan's pots in Switzerland.
Accent pots, Nanbans unglazed, Ovals and Rectanculars in different glazes,
New: Bowls and Slabs for Rock Plantings
New: Old Style Pots