Portrait  of "The Bonsai Corner"
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More than two years ago we decided to play an active part in the Swiss bonsai scene.
We try to offer an alternative to the somewhat monopolized Swiss bonsai market.

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We are bonsai-lovers - and we are free and independent. Our goal is to be best in class - we want to offer you good quality at a fair price. Only the best is good enough for ourselves and this is your profit. For our workshops we have competent masters who will enable you to step ahead on the bonsai-path. We work in small groups so that we can look after each person very well. If you really want to attend workshops together with another 15 people - you may find elsewhere some addresses...
BryanPot6.jpg (17359 bytes) Are you a bonsai enthusiast? Do you want to learn as much as possible about bonsai? You are aiming for the top, you are more interested in quality then in quantity - then you had better join our workshop with Nobuyuki Kajiwara, the Japanese Master. In his classes you will feel pretty good and you your bonsai will share your happiness with you.
Because of our good connections to Japan we can provide almost everything - of course at a good, competitive price. Try us!