Kokufu Bonsai Ten



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Mr Saburo Kato, the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess


Every year in February Kokufu Bonsai Ten exhibition takes place at the Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno Parc in Tokyo. You will be able to see some of the most outstanding bonsai trees. This exhibition always attracts quite a lot of people - most of them Japanese.

We would be more than happy if our exhibitions attracted so many people! The majority of the visitors are Japanese, in between you may see some foreigners. It is not unusual to see here Mr. Saburo Kato or Mr. Kimura who are going to visit the exhibition with their customers.

After each Kokufu Bonsai Ten exhibition there is a book available that shows again the displayed bonsai trees. The picture are of excellent quality. Although it may be a pity not to see the trees in the exhibition - there is the chance to see the pictures in the books.

The following books can be ordered:
Exhibition 1999: Number 73
Exhibition 1998: Number 72
Exhibition 1997: Number 71
Exhibition 1996: Number 70
Exhibition 1992: Number 66

Exhibition 1988: Number 62