Bryan Albright - A Portrait


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A good handmade bonsai-pot has SHIBUI as the Japanese say. That means  simplicity, modesty, naturalness.

It is something more than just beautiful. It is a beauty that always attracts your eyes and you never get tired of looking at it. An attribute that cannot be achieved with industrial mass production.

Two English potters have got attention: Gordon Duffet and Bryan Albright. Both work with simple and well proportioned shapes and individual glazes.

Bryan has found his way - he doesn't copy the Japanese anymore but only if you have studied them you will be able to find your own way.

Today it has already tradition to plant mature bonsais into an individual pot. The important thing is that the pot is not the only focus. The unity of tree and pot has to be the aim.

For sure you have seen some of Bryan's pots in different bonsai-magazines. As Bryan's agent for Switzerland I can offer you a large variety of his pots. For each bonsai you need the appropriate pot - for a more mature tree an individual pot matches well and is the finish for the whole composition.